So, I have been spending a lot of time trying to scam a wireless connection all around the city while I have been applying for jobs and whatnot. Yesterday I found myself wandering around the new neighborhood looking for somewhere new to go and get some coffee.

Found a place like a block away from my apartment, score! Went in there and it was packed. Ok, fine, being from Seattle, it isn’t like I have never seen a packed coffeehouse. So I wait for a second for a table to open up and low and behold, a gentleman is leaving. Yes! So of course, being the stalker that I am, I walk over there and ask him if he is leaving and if I can take his table, sure no problem he says. So I put my stuff down and grab my wallet to go and order a coffee.

En route, the 10 or so steps to the counter, I am stopped by some gal who goes, umm did you get here; yes, I did I say and she goes, umm well we were waiting for a table so I am sorry about that; OH, umm I didn’t realize there were table rules here so my apologies, let me get my things from the table so you can sit down and have a 10 min conversation with your friend at the table, oh and by the way, you need to grab another chair.

Am I just crazy, but I had no idea there were certain rules for a table in a coffee shop. There wasn’t anything posted and I honestly, had no idea that these girls were even waiting. They weren’t even really in the area of the table or even appearing to be waiting. If you wanted a table maybe you need to be paying better attention to tables opening up and learn some stalker tendencies like I have!




My blood type is coffee