Worst. Blogger. Ever. I know, I know I have been totally mia the last several weeks. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about everyone in Seattle.

I feel like a lot has been happening and sometimes I feel like I can barely keep up myself.

New job
Turned 28 – officially and can’t deny that I am in my upper 20’s
Had my first visitor (yay for Bobsey twin traditions that we’re upheld with the Apple Cup)
Got a job (totally worth mentioning again)
Experienced some serious snow and everything that comes along with it
Flew home for the holidays for a hot minute
Flew a red eye for the first time ever
Had some conflicting feelings about being home in Seattle and looking forward to coming back to Boston
Drove people out of a bar due to crazy football behavior during the Apple Cup
Had my first real feelings of being settled
Experienced -22 degree weather (ok, ok that was with wind chill)

And the list goes on. I promise to be a better blogger and stay in better touch.

Thinking about you all.



“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch