I don’t know it it is the rain or the foggy haze outside lately, but I am feeling a bit homesick these days! Not like in a crippling type way, just a tiny little pang of wishing I was experiencing the spring in Seattle. Seeing all of my buddies. Seeing my family. Spending time at all of my favorite places. Eating at all my favorite restaurants. Being with people who know me, like really know me and my stories from before. Begging my mom to make lasagna for me. 🙂

I imagine this is on the normal side. I have finally kind of settled in a bit here. Life is moving along, my routine is in place for the most part. Which I suppose leaves more time to process everything and think about things. Still feel great about my decision to take this little leap of faith and make the life change, but I do miss home and all things familiar. I do however wake up every morning to the Seattle skyline on my wall so that is something I suppose.

Homesickness is a weird thing to me. Something that I think might always be present in some form no matter how long or how adjusted I get here or the next place that my life journey takes me…Texas visit anyone?! 😉 Like everything else, it is just one day at a time, one moment at a time, one large glass of wine at a time…

Love to you all!



Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.    – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.