Clearly Prince needs to be on my short (very short) list of people to go see in concert.

Whenever I think of Prince, I am transported back to one of my best and most favorite birthdays ever. It was storming, as in snow storming and three of my most favorites and I ventured out to brave the elements. And these elements were insane! I mean it doesn’t really snow in Seattle and this particular winter was just out of control. Work was cancelled, people were totally hunkered down, there were snow day pub crawls and snowy walks. Anyway, off topic…back to the birthday…

So we all venture out to be like literally some of the only people out in Fremont and it was awesome. We were all right on our game, we were dancing and imbibing on a drink or two and it was just the perfect evening. It is a rare thing when people in a group are all on the same level of fabulous and let me tell you, it was most certainly achieved that night. We rocked out to Prince at the Ballroom and other various songs of course. Met some interesting people and got some rides home from those same interesting people. In a Jeep. In the snow. With PRINCE blaring.

Like all things associated with Prince…it was magical.