You know what I like? … Seeing the same people everyday.

In the mornings when I could probably use about 14 more cups of coffee, it brings some comfort to my life actually. This morning I got my favorite bus driver on the bus and saw some of my favorite strangers. That sounds so odd, but it’s true! Of course this morning I got to thinking about this whole phenomenon and thought about how interesting it is that you see the same people on the regular and they are strangers, but are they really strangers? I do the head nod and smile with a lot of them so they don’t necessarily seem like strangers, but I suppose in reality, they are since I don’t know their name nor have I ever exchanged words with them.

Hmm…maybe I need to start turning these ‘strangers’ into new friends! Especially the cute ones! 🙂



The shortest distance between new friends is a smile.