So, as I mentioned earlier this week, I have a newfound love obsession with Pinterest. Well with that comes being inspired to try new crafts and new things I guess.

I have taken up painting. I use that term EXTREMELY loosely because I have not one artistic bone in my body. I can craft, I suppose and do things, but as far as having any talent what so ever, yeah, no. All that to say, I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest that had to do with thumb print hearts and well since 2012 is the year of love, I figured this would be a fun thing to try and take on.

I took myself, ok well my friend Liz took me, to Michaels one sunny freezing Saturday morning where I loaded up on a couple of canvases, some paint and a brush and some other necessary supplies, you know like mixing trays for when I try to make other colors outside of the primary ones. When I got home, I set out trying to come up with my own interpretation of what I saw on Pinterest and I must say I am pretty pleased with my results.  AND, I have discovered that putting brush and paint to canvas is surprisingly therapeutic. It felt good to create something and at that moment in time it healed a tiny bit of my soul.

I doubt that I will take painting classes or any art classes, but I have for now, found myself a new hobby and a great outlet. If only I could just not be so particular about things – after all it certainly doesn’t need to be perfect to be exactly what I need at this moment.



True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist. – Albert Einstein