So is it odd to admit I finally feel like I live in Boston now? And all because I finally found a hairdresser! I feel like I have arrived!

I used to be a regular 7 weeker and I loved, loved my stylist in Seattle. We were buddies, she knew about my life, we went out a couple of times, I moved salons when she moved salons, and I suppose most importantly, she knew what I wanted with my hair before I did. I am not sure I ever really took a photo in and more often then not, I sat in her chair and said, ‘make me pretty!’ and she did – every single time! I think I have been in denial that I would be able to find someone as fabulous as Kaylene, and I by no means have because I don’t think anyone is as fabulous as Kaylene, but Kayla will be just fine. So my boycott of decent hair is over. Thank God!

Now I can stop embarrassing everyone with hair like this…

Maybe this is why I only get crazy guys that tell me I have really nice teeth that want to hang out...

And when I asked Kayla if I could come back and see her again, she said yes (this felt oddly like I was asking her out on a second date, maybe I can translate some of this wicked good game to some guys this weekend)! I promptly made my next appointment – in 7 weeks!



Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.  ~Author Unknown