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Normally I am very happy with taking public transportation. It was a nice adjustment when I moved here to not have to worry about dealing with traffic or crazy drivers myself. I get a little extra reading time, a little more people watching time, and some good zoning out time when I am riding the train. And I live on the best line – the RED line. Obviously the best for many reasons…

Well today, my beloved red line broke my heart. Big time. There was a disabled train pulling into Harvard and the train I waited on for 20 plus minutes had to go and ‘rescue’ the other train so I had to get off the train. Sigh. I walked from my house almost all the way into the city (which isn’t exactly the closest ever) before I could catch a cab – apparently all the rush hour travelers had the same idea of catching a cab or a bus, because they were all jammed.

Finally caught a cab. I think perhaps I got into the one cab in the entire state of Massachusetts that doesn’t believe in driving like a race car driver. I mean this guy was a serious Sunday driver, which, I am sorry, but when I am paying you, I at least want to feel like you are pretending to not miss every single light and get a higher fare by going a weird way. Made it to work in one piece, a bit rumpled, a bit sweaty and an hour an a half late, sigh. At least I made it I guess.

Oh yes, this all happened as I was standing there reading an article about how they want to increase MBTA fares…hmmm…

This might mean it is time for me to get a bike!

Please tell me someone else’s Thursday has started off better…