I have been reading again like crazy and not just my brain candy romance novel stuff. And let me tell you, it feels fabulous. I have always been a reader and I read every single day, just the way it is, even if it is just 3 pages before I fall asleep, it has to be something. I love the feeling of getting lost in a good book – losing yourself to the story, developing an attachment to the characters, the imagining of all the little details, everything.

I have been known to read whole books in one sitting because I just can’t stop. I have been known to stay home on a Friday night to read. And a Saturday. I reread certain books every single year just because I love them so much. And most of all, I find comfort in reading. It brings a stillness to my life and when I am reading, those are moments where I am able to tune out everything else that has been going on and just be. Be with myself and get lost in the magic.

Any recommendations?