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So, I realized yesterday that it was exactly 8 months until I turn 30! Yowza. I was talking about it to my mom and she reminded it me that it was her ACTUAL birthday yesterday and that she was quite a bit older and I said, well, 30 is the oldest I have ever been! Fair enough.

I mean, turning 30 is kind of a big deal I feel and to be honest, I am really looking forward to it. I am excited and nervous for some reason for this big milestone in my life. I have loved so many things about my 20’s. And on the flip-side, hated so many things in my 20’s. Of course I completely get that everything that has happened in life defines who I am as a person and has truly made me who I am today, but I am not going to sit here and pretend that it has all been easy and fabulous. Some days were hard, some days harder, and some days even harder. BUT, then there were those AMAZING days, the sun is shining and I am rocking the shades and busting out to my alter ego’s theme song type of days – all day!

Not that I think that everything is going to be magically easier when I turn the dirty 30, but I do think that I am ready for this new challenge and this new decade in my life. And to welcome myself to my 30’s – I am going to send out the 20’s with a bang. By June 19th, exactly 6 months before my birthday, I will have compiled a list of 30 things for me to do by the time I turn 30. Some will be fun, some will be tough, some with be a bit of both, but most of all – I am ready for a fresh start, a clean slate and some new fun when I hit 30. And just so I can be held accountable – I’ll share!

Happy Friday lovelies!



Everything I know I learned after I was thirty. ~ George Clemenceau