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I try hard not to have regrets or what ifs in life. Take the chances that I see necessary in order to fulfill my life and ultimately, myself. For the most part, I feel like I do a pretty good job of that, you know the whole listening to your heart thing. Paying attention to what it is saying and trying my best to follow it. Well, I feel like it doesn’t always go as planned. There are moments that pass me by and I think about them later and wonder why I didn’t take action or better yet, say how I feel. Why didn’t I tell that person exactly how I feel?!

That doesn’t necessarily mean just the good, but the bad and ugly too. Stand up for myself when it counted. But for todays post, let’s just focus on the good! Have you ever had one or some of those moments? You know the ones, the I could have shouted from the rooftop how I feel about that person, but maybe I was too scared or I  mean, hello, there’s always tomorrow or maybe I should just wait it out to see what might happen…

I am not going to pretend that it is easy to put yourself out there, because lord knows, I know it isn’t. It is tough stuff to put your heart on the line, to be so exposed and vulnerable to someone else. On the flip side, how amazing is it when that same person opens up right back? In more ways then you could have hoped they would? So if we know the wonderful outcome that could potentially ensue, why, why oh why do we hold back so much? Isn’t the potential for amazing worth the risk of wondering what if 3 years down the road?

I mean of course there are other circumstances that are potentially involved, but even so, I wonder if it isn’t better to put it out there regardless. Or maybe, it isn’t and it just makes it too hard. I don’t know the magic answer or have any words of advice, all I know is this – 3 years ago my life changed in a million small ways and regardless of the circumstances, a large part of me wishes I would have been honest with myself and someone else about the way I felt. At that moment in time. A lot of things have changed over the last 3 years for me – I mean I am not even on the same coast for crying out loud, but I do think about this from time to time and wonder what might have happened if this were different. And not just because I didn’t say how I truly felt, but if a lot of things had been different.

So today my friends, take a chance, tell someone how you really feel, put it out there because life is short and you totally deserve some amazing!



You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump.