Let’s talk about this for one second.

I am not a fan of Facebook as most people know. I just for some reason don’t like it. Actually, that isn’t ENTIRELY true, sometimes I like it, but most times I hate it. I don’t like it when people try to make plans with me on there. I mean call me! text me! email me! Chances are if you want to grab drinks with me, you have that info. I just am never on there so it isn’t the most reliable place to get a hold of me.

So today, someone asked me to be Facebook friends. I wasn’t very nice about it and so I instantly felt bad about it. So I dragged myself onto Facebook to Friend Request them and thought to myself, is my profile up to the standards of being someone’s friend? Are my pictures gross? What is my wall like? I was going through all of this just to get a sense and realized, I can’t make any changes because it is instantly posted that I have JUST changed my profile! Well, shoot, that I feel is even worse then me actually just friend requesting someone with my stupid pictures, dumb thoughts and my wall tags at Newtowne Grille and Spirits or Bar and Grille or whatever that place is called dominating the whole thing.

I am glad I devoted 30 minutes of my life to that freak out. Welcome to my life.