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I feel like I have so much to say today! So many things to recap and just take a moment of reflection for. I wanted to start with this particular post today, because, it is rainy and yucky outside and I feel like it is a good day for a little internal warm fuzzy to be recapped.

You know those people who are such good people that they surprise you? Maybe you think that they are kidding or are just slightly off, because really who can be that good in this life where there is so much tough stuff out there. I think that it can kind of catch you off guard. Well, I am lucky in my life to have several people like that. This weekend I was once again reminded that there truly are wonderful and kind-hearted people out there in this world, and for that, I am thankful.

Again, I know I don’t typically write about specific relationships or people on here, but I feel like this particular person deserves a mention today because I have been thinking about it since our conversation and just how much I appreciated talking to him. And to be honest, it is moments like these that have been getting me through lately.

I haven’t seen this person in awhile and actually, that while might have been the crazy ass St. Patrick’s parade in Southie, where I was having a serious panic attack in the middle of a crowd. I got separated and got stuck in this crowd and he so graciously tried to wait and then I couldn’t back into the area after we were herded out of this mob. All that to say, it was a cluster and I don’t deal well with crowds ESPECIALLY like that, but he tried to wait for me and make sure that I was alive. Anyway…

We were chatting on Saturday about life and general things and somehow we got on the track of Minnesota and he remembered that my littlest sister has a boyfriend that is from there and asked about her and him. And, to that I said, ‘wow you have a great memory.’ And he, ‘said well, no, I just listen.’ Hmm…wow people actually listen to what you have to say out there? Like really listen?! Which this all of course, stemmed into me thinking about it and then having a conversation about it as well. It is a rare thing these days in my opinion, to find someone who listens and pays attention to a conversation and is able to ask about things in a later conversation because they paid attention. This is truly a special quality to find in someone and something that goes unrecognized so much of the time, taken for granted even.

So, thank you P, for reminding me that there are good people out there. That there are people out there who care enough to truly hear what I and others are saying. That it is possible to have a conversation about more then sports, because even as much as I love them, that isn’t what life is ALL about. That it is possible to have a conversation just about life related things and not feel like it is forced or awkward. You are appreciated.

Again, it is moments like these, people like this, that have helped me through life and especially the last few months. I may be someone who is slightly over the top in reflection and sometimes appreciation, but I don’t care! I think that sometimes these things deserve a public mention, because after all, isn’t it nice to know that someone appreciates you for exactly who you are?

Keep appreciating lovelies!



Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. ~Voltaire