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Happy Monday/Tuesday y’all!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Overall, I know I did.

In short :

  • Going away party on Friday for an old co-worker who is moving on to new challenges! YAY! Spent more time in the downstairs bar of my old work on Friday then I ever did when I actually worked there.
  • Had a very interesting discussion re. Puerto Rico with my cab driver Eduardo.
  • M and J Bonanza of Harvard Day Drinking followed by a little Newtowne time with L and her sister
  • Errands in the city
  • Drinks with my buddy who just graduated from Harvard Law!
  • Drinks and tapas with one of my most favorites who is moving back to CA
  • Fenway to witness a win with a fun group of friends
  • Island Creek Oyster with same fun group of friends

Phew! I am exhausted for having no plans scheduled this weekend! I need a weekend from my weekend. Sadly, it won’t be this weekend – we are in mayjah countdown for NOLA!

And now…back to Spice Girls on the old Pandora!