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I have a lot on my heart and mind and so much to recap from my fun weekend in NOLA, but that is just all going to have to wait, because today, today my Bobsey twin is finishing up her first year of Nursing School!

That deserves a bit of blog love I feel.

I couldn’t be prouder of how she has rocked it through her first year of school. There  have been a million moments to be had, some wine to be consumed to help power through, challenges to be conquered, and of course there has been a lot of learning to be done – about herself, procedures, techniques, medical stuff, and what’s in her heart.

Bobs, I know this year has been perhaps one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging of your life, but as always, you have shown an incredible amount of grace, faith and poise in your pursuit to achieving your goal. I know that you feel like maybe you haven’t always had that grace, faith or poise, but I can tell you that from the outside you have been amazing and I am truly inspired. You can do this and I believe in you 150%!

Now go rock that last final, raise a glass to yourself, take a moment (or several!) to pat yourself on the back, and breathe – your first year is over! Onto Children’s – your dream is coming true!

Sure wishing I was there to celebrate with you!



Dreams come true, not free.