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Funny enough, that title originally said ‘Hell Monday’ because I forgot the ‘o’, which I feel could also be an appropriate title…

Mondays are a bit tougher in my opinion then the rest of the week…I think that part of me just still wants to be lazy on my couch watching the Proposal on Sunday night. This Monday morning was really no different, but I did wake up with remembering that I am trying to be more positive about life, so I leapt from bed (ok, it was really more of a roll out of bed) and greeted the day with a smile, cranked some country music (oh yeah, I did that!) and got ready to take on the day.

So, HAPPY Monday! Enjoy the day – the sun is shining (at least here in Boston), drink a great cup of coffee, have a little sweet treat, rock out to Madonna, whatever you need to do to have a great day. I mean, it is kind of all about the little things in life, or so I am told.



People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~ Abraham LincolnĀ