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Good morning and happy Monday!

I try not to sign up for too many daily emails (kind of a lie, but I am working to scale back) because I don’t want to be inundated with stuff, but something that I do look forward to everyday are the Daily Thoughts from Real Simple. Ok, yes, that’s right, I said it – Real Simple. I am sorry, but I love that magazine. I do. When I read it I instantly want to organize, cook, save, craft, etc. There are some great ideas in there and I have totally implemented some into my own life.

Anyway, back to the Daily Thoughts…

Every morning around 8 am, I get one to my inbox. Typically this happens when I am standing at Downtown Crossing sweating because I swear to God that station is so much more humid than the rest. I get so excited to read them everyday and see what little thought Real Simple wanted to share with the masses for the day. Some are funny, some are wise, and some really resonate and are completely in sync with what I need to hear at that moment in time. Lately, they have been perfect for my mood and today I feel like is no different. Just a reminder, that you are in control (or should be!) of your life and your happiness. Yes, there are certainly things that can bring you down, but ultimately, it is how you deal with those things that help you get through them, around them, above them, whatever. So today, I am choosing to be happy, to embrace life, smile a bit more at random strangers, and remember the small things in life are often the things that help you get through it all. You know, like these Daily Thoughts. Thanks Real Simple!