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Let’s talk about Air Conditioning.

I have honestly really never needed it until I moved to Boston. I mean I have used it in the car, but I don’t count that. At all. I mean let’s be honest here, you don’t need it in Seattle. For like the potentially one hot, hot day in the summer? Yeah right.

Last summer I think I lived in a place in my head that just didn’t allow for me to deal or think about the heat. I must have had an out of body experience for the majority of it honestly. I mean in all fairness, I was out of the country for like half of July, then I was super sick for like 6 weeks, I worked like every single day (no, I am seriously – I thought it was a good idea to moonlight as a cupcake slinger on the weekends so I had an excuse to come into the city so I was working every.single.day for awhile) and I may or may not have had some lapses in judgement and didn’t always stay at my own house anyway (sigh. and thank the someone that that part of my life is over). Anyway, due to all of the above, I managed to get through the summer without having air conditioning in my room. We had one in our living room and my roommate had one in her room, but I just managed with fans. I don’t mind the heat, in fact I love it, until it gets humid, really humid. I can’tstandhatesomuchloathedetest the feeling of being sticky and not being able to cool down.

Fast forward to this summer – thus far, I have been totally fine. Again, I love the heat, just not the humidity and frankly, in my opinion it hasn’t been too bad. Until this last Sunday. I hit my breaking point. I couldn’t sleep. I was sweating. I was sticky. I was miserable. I broke down and welcomed an AC unit into my room. And let me tell you, it is a game changer, a life changer, an absolutely welcome addition to my life. I may never leave my room again. I will just eat in there, watch TV on my laptop, read in there, paint, knit, craft, whatever. I am just never leaving. So much for meeting new people and experiencing new things. I have an AC and I am cold and loving it! When people ask me what I am doing this weekend, I am going to say, well I am hanging out with Graham. You know Graham, that’s my AC. Ok, I may have just taken this to a completely bizarre weird place, but I just love Graham. He is fabulous.

Oh yeah, so glad there were tornado warnings yesterday!

I am done now. Thank goodness for the little things in life!