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That’s right. I don’t. Because my Friday just started off to be a great day.

First of all – cute boys on the train. Ok! Hello!

Secondly – When I opened up my Reader this morning, I was greeted by the most gorgeous sunrise pictures that just really brightened my morning from poshsays.

Thirdly – the ultimate guilty pleasure song. At first, I was a bit embarrassed to admit my absolute love, yep, LOVE of this song. I mean it is so cheesy and soooo ridiculous. And, I too, was skeptical of this song at first and thought it was horrible (and it still is, truly), but somewhere along the way it grew on me. I think it is because it is so peppy and happy and more importantly, it makes ME happy!

So…to all those cute boys on the train…call me maybe?

Happy Friday!