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Things that made me smile today :

Back to back to back to back fabulous songs on Pandora

Getting my pair of nude pumps re-heeled (I have been rockin’ the heels lately again and loving it – I am sorry, but for me, I just feel a little bit hotter and on the day when I have a pair of heels on)

Setting up impromptu Friday drinks with some favorites at Mead Hall after work

Flirting and pretending I know how to wink

Not getting run down by someone on blades

Teasing my hair up (I know, weird, right?!)

Feeling happy about being right where I am at this point in my life – despite the heat and the humidity

My crafty weekend ahead (gotta get some stuff ready for Sangria : The Remix!)

What is helping you through this fabulous Friday?

Have a great weekend!