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Well, Real Simple has done it again. Picked just the right words for me to receive at 8 am in my inbox.

I believe this and try my absolute best to live by this sentiment. There are days that are harder than others to remember to love myself – unconditionally. I think that at the end of the day, if I find a little tiny something to be proud of myself about, love myself about, something that brings even the smallest smile to my face and laughter to my heart, then I consider it a small victory. It can be so easy to beat myself up for things not said, things that are said, choices made, etc., but I am doing the best that I can to be easy and forgiving of myself. On my journey to 30, among a hundred other small things, I am working on getting back to loving myself more and not beating myself up so much. I have said it a million times, no regrets in this life because frankly, at whatever moment, I wanted whatever was going on for whatever reason. Can’t be mad at myself at that.

And frankly, if I want flowers, some wine and chocolate, who better than myself sometimes to get them! I can bring a little romance to my life with or without a sexy counterpart! I mean, not like I would turn them down from that tall, dark and handsome nerdy reader out there either…just sayin’, if you know of any I will send you my address.

Oh yeah, I just hit 100! Finally.