So this week has seriously felt like it was the equivalent of at least two for me. I hate that!

All that to say, I am so excited it is Friday. I feel like I just don’t want to do anything for the next few days. Alas, that isn’t going to happen. I don’t know how this actually happened, but I have a ton of stuff lined up the next several days/weeks. All fun, don’t get me wrong, but part of me just literally wants to sit down. Watch a little Ally McBeal (I know!) and just be. Hopefully soon, but first, I gotta get my Dirty Dancing on at the Wharf for Free Outdoor Flick Fridays, hit up a Housewarming Party, and get my groove on at a farm for a little outdoor music fun!

Happy Friday favorites, live it up and remember, nobody puts Baby in the corner!