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I might be about 15 years late to this party, but hey, I made it finally! Recently I totally fell in love with Ally McBeal. Yep. I absolutely said it!

Maybe it is because it is set in Boston. Maybe it is because it is about a single almost 30 years old woman just trying to find her place in the world. Maybe it is because of the amazing music. For whatever reason, I fell in love with this show. I didn’t expect to even really enjoy it, I put it on one day for background noise because it popped up on Netflix as something that I would probably like. Well, thank you Netflix for knowing me better than I know myself! This post might be cheesy, but well, hey, those are the breaks. My space, my cheesy posts!

As odd as it sounds, I feel like I really connected with Ally. She is just a little crazy, and let’s be honest, so am I. She hears music in her head and has a theme song. Oh, umm ok, it is very documented how much I love music and how it can really shape my day. My alter ego, Roxanne certainly has a theme song. She is looking for her place in the world. Looking for love and happiness. Looking to fill a void in her life. Has great friends. Slow dances in bars after work (I am working on this one because who doesn’t love a little slow dancing?!).

So am I Ally, so am I. Aren’t we all just looking and hoping for happiness and love? And to find our little place in this great big world? Now that love and happiness can come in a million different ways. That void can be filled with a million different things. Those ways and things, can come in forms that we least expected. They can knock us right over in surprise when they come. Just like Ally, I suspect that my void will be filled in a way that I least expect and perhaps completely out of the blue.

I think that I found a little of myself in all of the characters in the show, which is why I loved it so much. Just like Ally, I believe in love and I also believe in romance. I am emotional and I feel things to my very core. I strive to believe in the little things and I am easily excited by something as simple as seeing a beautiful sunset and find beauty in even just the city lights twinkling at night and the stillness that the city brings at night, even with people still on the streets. Just like John, I have the tendency to be quite quirky and very particular about certain things. I wish I could claim to hear Barry White speak to me, but unfortunately, I am not that cool. Like Nelle, I am a bit skeptical with the whole idea of love these days. Question some things about it, but the core of my being still believes. Elaine loves a little extra attention, and so do I every once in a while – now if only I could sing.

I laughed and I cried. I felt sad when it ended.

Here’s to hope, love and all things beautiful. Thank you Ally McBeal for helping me to remember that recently. And here’s to finding somewhere to slow dance at the end of a rough day.



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