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So I think that most people in this world have that one person (or maybe even more than just one) that just knows them better than everyone else. Someone that you are able to just really connect with, tell pretty much anything and everything to, laugh with, cry with, drink wine with, not talk with, make 3 hours Target runs with, just really anything. Well, I am no exception. I have mentioned her here before, my Bobsey twin.

This girl knows me so well that she can tell I am down even through text or gchat – there’s no faking it with her! 😉 She was my first visitor when I first moved to Boston and came here about a month and a half after I moved so we could keep up with on my most favorite traditions of ours, watching the Apple Cup together! How special is that folks!? She is one of my biggest supporters, a HUGE part of my support system, my go to gal for a million different things, one of the first people I go to to share good news, to cry about bad news, and especially to laugh with about funny stuff. Outside of my family, she is who I miss the most from home. She came to visit me this summer and it was so fabulous to have her around. It was like no time had passed and we were back to our old Bobsey twin antics – I mean you can’t have a trip planning meeting with just anyone (and I say that because not everyone is as crazy and type A planners like we are!) basically the second that they get off the plane, and you certainly can’t just rip multiple shots with just anyone at 1 or so in the afternoon at a college bar, or count on just anyone to flirt with the Sam Adams boys so you can get on the earlier brewery tour, or have marathon chat sessions about nothing and everything at the same time, or flex your Co-Prez of the B Club muscles, or be reassured once again that you can count on being totally in sync with someone about the majority of things because you know them so well or they you know you so well. I am a lucky little ducking to say the least kiddos!

Well, today is the last first day of nursing school for my bestest Bobsey twin and I couldn’t be more proud. She has found her place in the world with grace, dignity and a crazy amount of strength, courage and of course, a lot of heart. I can’t imagine her in any other job and let me tell you, she is going to be one amazing nurse. She brings such a sense of calm to me and so many other people in her life as well I am sure, that I can’t really imagine her not bringing that same feeling to those that she will interact with during her nursing career. She is one of the most generous and selfless people that you will ever come across. And you know how when someone finds their passion in life and their dreams are realized, they wear it well and it just radiates? Yep. That’s her.

So…congratulations to you Bobs! I can’t believe that you are in the homestretch now! One more year left of school and then the real fun and amazing will start! I am so unbelievably proud of you and can’t imagine you doing anything else in this life. You have found ‘it’ and it is so amazing. I know that this year will be challenging, but the end goal is so much in sight at this point. You totally got this and I will be cheering for you all along the way, just like always! Thank you for being you and for our amazing friendship and what it brings to my life!

Raising a glass to you today in a huge way!

Lots of love and excitement to you and many, many cheers.



The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt