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I wish I was in Seattle at this very moment, strolling through the Market (you know, THE Market)

I wish I could sing and dance (in the rain)

I wish I could write poetry (every attempt just seems so contrived)

I wish that I had a massage to look forward to later (my shoulder and back are HORRIBLE)

I wish that I was wearing a pair of killer red kicks (like these or these)

I wish I was at home watching some Dawson’s Creek (oh yeah, I said it!)

I wish that I could give a hug to some of my favorites (I definitely need one too)

I wish I was curled up in front of a fire (with a love letter)

I wish I was wearing my sunglasses right now (yes, inside)

I wish I was drinking Cougar Crest (still can’t get over the fact they are up to 5!)

I wish that there was more time in the day, more days, more months, more years

Some of my favorite things these days :