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Hi friends!

So, I feel like I just realized it is October! Where have the weeks gone?! Seriously.

I am in week 5 of my new adventure of being back in school and while I am kind of dead on my feet, I am happy. So happy about school. It feels great to be studying with a purpose. I am sure that some of the novelty will wear off and I have certainly have had some weird, stressful and challenging moments during these 5 weeks, it pleases me to no end to say I am happy to be back in the school grind. I have received a ton of positive feedback from both of my professors and from classmates, which has just really carried me through the not so great moments.

While the majority of my time is spent hitting the books, I have found some time to have a little fun too! Phew! Lucky to have some really fun friends to do that with. Like this last Saturday? I totally got my paint on at the fabulous and wonderful Paint Bar! As I may have mentioned here once or twice, this year I have picked up the random hobby of painting. Now, I use that term extremely loosely because it isn’t like I am creating fabulous works of art here people, but it has been therapeutic for me and I love working with my hands and making things – no matter how they might turn out, because there are have been major fails. One of my most favorite parts of the night was when our lovely teacher was going through introductions and instructions and she asked if anyone had a freak out moment getting their paint when it all started running together on the plate, and favorites, of course I had to raise my hand! And she said, ok, for all you Type A-ers, the bar is right behind you, pour yourself another drink, this is supposed to be fun! I loved it, the sentiment, the fact that I am totally like that, and needed to be reminded of it at that moment – this was supposed to be fun, so of course, I followed her advice and got another drink. 😉

Admittedly, I am still a crazy perfectionist type, but I did try and calm down enough to where I could enjoy myself and just paint. Painting has given me a sense of calm recently in a way that a lot of things that I have sought out in the past have not been able to do. This has both shocked me and scared me a tiny bit, I want to still be able to find solace in the things that I have counted on in the past, because they are what I know and what I have counted on so many times. That isn’t to say that I can’t come to count on other things to help me of course and I am so glad to have found that in putting paint to a canvas, but hopefully, I will be able to rekindle my longtime love affairs with a few other things.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos!

See how the paints are touching!?! AHHH! And hell yes, I made my own glass for beverage consumption.

Background all done and drying on the dry break!

Voila! My very own slice of Tuscany heaven! (no matter that my little houses look straight out of Mario Brothers land)