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I think too often lately I have been caught up in the serious of my life. The drama that has happened, school, work, family stuff, anything and everything. And I forget. Forget to really laugh. I did that on Saturday night. Had a night where I spent the whole night laughing about various things that were going on, things that were said or not said, incidents at the jukebox, hilarious songs, just whatever. And it felt amazing. I needed it. Badly. The worst part is, I had no idea how much I needed it.

So, dear readers, have yourself a laugh today. You know the kind, the belly aching, feel it to the tips of your fingers and toes, soul healing type of laugh. Laugh with a loved one, laugh over a book or a stupid tv show, with a drink – whatever, just do it. I promise you, you will feel revitalized. I know I did when I woke up on Sunday.

Laugh it up!