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Man. Yesterday I was a total Debbie Downer and I am sorry for that. For me and you for having to read that! A special shout-out to some wonderful people in my life that reached out for a little extra yesterday. Support comes sometimes from the most random of places and people, and just when I feel at my worst and have lost a tiny bit of faith, I am pleasantly (beyond pleasantly) surprised by the generosity and the words of people in my life. There are a million things to feel thankful for and believe me, even if I am not in constant contact with everyone all of the time, I certainly think of you and I most certainly appreciate you!

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday of giving thanks, here is a short list of things I feel thankful for today…

Even though I bitch about it, there is something magical about the snow. We had our first snow yesterday, and even though it was freezing, windy, and super wet out there, I still kinda liked it.

Friends. New and old.

Wednesday night weekly Happy Hour.

Feeling like you made someone else’s day just a tiny bit even when yours was crappy.


80’s Pop Music.

Encouraging words.

Brighter lights.

Super Nintendo at the bar.

Receiving an invite from coworkers to a Pre-Thanksgiving DrinkFest. Who doesn’t like to receive an email with that subject line?!

Kicking ass at Mario Kart at the bar. Sorry Sean, wherever you are, but I really hope to see you at my birthday party!

People indulging you even when they are absolutely horrified themselves.

Hand holding. There is just something about it.



December visits to Seattle quickly approaching.