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This girl is certainly a happy, happy Coug fan on Apple Cup 2012!

Go Cougs!!!

I nearly paced a hole into my floor, probably gave my neighbors several heart attacks – along with myself for that matter, and nearly stopped breathing several times. I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE college football, especially the Cougs, especially on Apple Cup weekend. Nothing matters in a rivalry game. One team could be undefeated, but that wouldn’t matter. Rivalry games are not just like any other game in my opinion. They are something special and it truly does often times come right down to a final play. I am ALWAYS proud to be a Coug and will rock crimson and gray proudly until the day I die, but today my love is just a bit stronger and I am just a little prouder. Today we won the day for crimson and gray!

Go Cougs and xoxo,