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So I know I technically missed posting on actual Thanksgiving itself, but I figure that I can be thankful and grateful really at anytime or on any day. And technically it is still Thanksgiving on the West Coast. So here goes…

This Thanksgiving I would like to take a moment to be thankful for the wonderful families that have taken me in no questions asked these last three years. I have been so lucky to have been adopted for Thanksgiving when I would otherwise be spending the day alone with myself. These fabulous people have taken me in sight unseen and for all they know I could seriously be the ultimate crazy. I have been welcomed into their homes, hearts, and family to break bread and share in their special Thanksgiving traditions. So, an extra special thanks to them today. Your wine has been plentiful, your turkey fabulous, and your hearts huge.

To my own family. I really just do not even know where I would be without you. Seriously. I know its been a tough last several months, but your unconditional love and support have helped carry me through my darkest days.

To my favorites out there. The same goes to you. Especially my most favorite Bobsey twin. No way would I be here without you. No way.

To those that have touched my life without even knowing it. I am so grateful for you and am trying my best to pay that forward. Your smiles, kind words, random winks even have brightened my days immensely.

And to my heart and soul. Phew, we have lived some life, but thank you for being as resilient as possible and for helping me find faith even on the worst of days.

Oh yeah, thank you to all the crappy, yet fabulous songs out there for making me smile, bob my head, and laugh.

Finally, thank you to those who take the time to read my thoughts in my own little corner of the web. The random likes, comments, and follows are so wonderful.