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I have a tiny rant today and then I will move on to some fun stuff…

So, I am not sure if I have discussed this with you here before or not, but as you know, I am single lady and I am perfectly content with that – not all of the time, but 99% of the time I am fine with it and am just enjoying myself, this bothers some people for some reason. Certain people. After being constantly asked about it and not in a conversational way, I decided it was best to distance myself for a bit. Well, this person was at my house yesterday for dinner, hadn’t seen him in forever, and one of the first questions (of course) was, so how’s the love life? I responded and said, nothing special going on, really. And he goes, oh, so still single party of one I take it? With an eye roll! AN EYE ROLL! Umm…what? Does it really need to be broken down like that?! Why does it matter? And if it matters that much to you, then send some smart good looking guys in my direction. END.

I have been working really hard this year at coming up with some creative and fun ideas to give as gifts. That has meant a lot of crafting opportunities which is exactly what I have been needing and wanting. Hopefully the recipients will be even a fraction as excited to receive them as I have been to make them and subsequently, give them. Hoping that there are no issues of trying to get them back to Seattle! Also, I have been sort of, tiny, tiny bit contemplating the idea of taking some painting classes. WHAT?! In what spare time I have no idea, but it might be worth trying to make some and just sleeping even less.

Today is my last Wednesday night Happy Hour for awhile. That makes me more than a bit sad actually. For a variety of reasons.

In the nearish future, I am going to be potentially working to incorporate a career and college exploration program to a local high school. Certainly don’t hate that! 🙂 Who knows what it will actually entail, time commitment wise, program wise, or anything, but I think it is really great for my to start getting back out there and doing some volunteering in schools again. I have been really stalking down my contact this fall to get back in the mix again and I think that has finally paid off.

Birthday = 3 weeks away, yo! Birthday party thoughts to follow soon!

Seattle = 3 weeks away!

I don’t have Twitter, but sometimes I want to speak in#’s. #weird (am I doing that right?!)

Life feels decent today. More than decent actually. Even though I am a bit random today. Sometimes that is kinda fun though.