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As I approach not only my birthday, but the end of the 2012, I am becoming even more reflective about my life than usual. In the best way possible of course. I have been working hard to work through some things and get to a better place with myself and feel proud of the progress that I have been making along the way. As I always say, I haven’t done this alone and couldn’t have done it without the love and support of people in my life. While I haven’t always put everything out there, they for the most part, have chosen to trust and believe in my and give me the time and space I have needed to heal. And for that, I am so, so grateful.

As always, Real Simple really brings it today with their Daily Thought. This comes at a time when I needed to read these words and absorb them into my life. Forgiveness is something that I have been a bit stingy with recently to be honest and this includes with myself. I think the idea of forgiveness is a hard concept for some as well and again, this includes me too. To me, the idea of forgiveness means letting go, it means, opening my head and heart to the future, it means not necessarily forgetting, but moving forward, it means possibility, it means healing and often times, it is just for me.

So, with the count being two weeks until the biggest birthday in my recent past, I share this thought…