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Heyo kiddos!

It’s me. Just checking in.

It has been a bit hectic the last few weeks to be honest with you. Finished up two more classes. Survived one helluva blizzard. Spent an unexpected amount of time with someone and learned a lot about this person and myself actually (I think this Trust in 2013 thing is kind of paying off a bit). Barely survived the last few weeks at work – we have quite a lot going on here at the moment. Started seriously reading again (not just the brain candy ones!), for the joy I get reading the words on the page, for the challenge and for the sheer love of it. Returned to one of my favorite events of the week – Wednesday Happy Hour(s). These are just a few of the things that have been going on in my little world, but now on to the weekend recap. On Tuesday.

So, I love baking. Love it. It calms me down and is very relaxing to me. I like to pretend that I am semi-decent at it as well. Certainly have more confidence in baking then I do cooking. Even with this love of baking, I have never made homemade cupcakes or frosting. Those just seem kind of like normal things that one might make when baking. Or maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is that I made some vanilla cupcakes this weekend for the first time for a poker party and I did not like the cake at all. I will never use that recipe again. I can’t quite put my finger on what I feel like the major problem was, but it was just so blah. And kind of dry. Gross. The frosting however, chocolate buttercream, people, was pretty great. I can really only speak for myself, but I loved it. LOVED it. I would probably eat it plain, right from the bowl. Oh wait. I did do that. I would 100% make this frosting again. And will be. Next time I try my hand at cupcakes, I will be seeking out a better cake recipe, but that will be my go to frosting for sure. If anyone has any basic cupcake recipe that they just love, love and wouldn’t mind sharing, you will forever be appreciated! By me and the fabulous people that will get to enjoy these said cupcakes. I will happily give you all the credit! 😉

As I mentioned, these cupcakes were for a Poker Night hosted by my fabulous friends S and G. I actually have never been to an official Poker Night before. It was exciting to be invited. Until the initial emails were flying back and forth about the seriousness of the game. Uh oh. Now, let me be clear, I have definitely played poker and actually have played poker quite well at several random times in college. Again, let me be clear, that was in college. About a 1000 years ago. I haven’t played since then. To say I was out of practice was an understatement. I am not a card shark in general since I can’t even shuffle the deck. Sigh. I know. Ridiculous. I was definitely feeling a bit apprehensive about this game, but good thing my competitive crazy side got the best of me. I womaned up and slapped my $20 down and assumed that I would be in the game for a few hands and then I would get bored and go all in and be done. I mean let’s be honest here, there was Bud Light and scotch to be consumed, so I intended to give that my full attention after a certain point. And then something happened. I am not entirely sure what the turning point was, but there was one. It is a tiny bit hazy.

Ok, this story is dragging out, you know like those I was born on a grey and drizzly day type of stories?! Ugh. That’s just me that does that? Ok, clearly I am long winded.

Story made unnecessarily long by me, point now : I won! I won the whole game. Wait, what?! Let’s say it again just for clarity, I won, I won, I won! That’s right people! This little ole non poker playing gal won. Holler! And my final hand, just in case it is important to anyone besides me and the person that happened to lose to the hand…a royal flush of clubs. Oh. Pardon me.

Ok, I have bragged enough. I am sorry. And now, for the fabulous words. Also, stay tuned, I have been working on a few special things lately. There are a lot of people to thank and a lot of people who have touched my life recently that I just really feel like need to be given just a tiny little shout out on this space, in true crazy me form.

Thanks Real Simple!