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As you know, I am working hard to focus on the positive things in my life in 2013. And as I always say, I have so much to be thankful for. I know all of this might sound ridiculous or cheesy to some of you out there, because trust me, some days I have my own gag fest over my musings, but it helps me. This attitude that I am trying to focus on and being a bit on the over the top side of positive and thankful truly helps me get through the rough patches. There have been times in my life it has been so much easier to be upset or angry or just in a continual funk, but these days making more of a concerted effort to be happy or positive, even if it seems forced or a major effort, actually helps me to get into that mindset sooner rather than later. So, in true me fashion, I am going to take a moment and do one of my favorite things – reflect and give thanks.

One of my most favorite moments in the week, as I have mentioned before, is weekly Wednesday Happy Hour. Now, HH in MA is kind of non-existent (at least the version that I am used to), which is something that I am STILL getting used to. Because it isn’t really a thing here, I pretty much stopped going for after work drinks. Not gonna lie, this girl used to be a pretty hardcore HH frequenter in WA. I absolutely love HH and my gal pals and I knew all of the best places to go for HH. Sigh. Feeling a tiny bit nostalgic here, but must press on back to the present…

So, let’s just revisit this for a hot minute (which in all honesty it probably was a hot minute because it was the middle of the summer when this special day happened), I was minding my own business (well…hopefully…) and attempting to disguise the fact that I was probably Pinteresting during the work day when I got it. That’s right, an invitation. To a Happy Hour! (I don’t really know why I feel the need to capitalize Happy Hour, but it just feels right to me, so deal with it, my space, my ridiculousness!) I didn’t actually know this group of people well, or really at all, might be more accurate, but twist my arm! Yes, I will come with you to HH! Looking back now, I didn’t realize it would be a Golden Ticket moment in my life.

This wonderful group of people is just that, absolutely wonderful. They came into my life at a perfect time. I was grasping for some stability, some kindness, and even some anonymity. I was kind of at a mayjah turning point in my life to be honest. And these crazy kids with their Midwestern kindness and Southern hospitality welcomed me into their little group with open arms, y’alls, some sarcasm, and huge glasses of beer. Or maybe I forced myself into the group, who knows. That isn’t important really. The point is, they are stuck with me now. HA!

There have been many, many moments during Wednesday night Happy Hour where I have taken a moment in between pounding adult bevs to just enjoy these people and feel thankful and lucky. Lucky that I have this time during the week to spend with three people that I might not have met at all if the stars hadn’t aligned properly. Lucky to have had my path cross with three of the absolute best people I have met here in Boston. At a time where I needed to meet some amazing people to restore some faith.

And for some fun here are just a few highlights in and out of HH that barely scratch the surface :

My first (and last) Irish Car Bomb

Mario Kart

Thanksgiving invitations and moments

Bridge/Frozen River moments

Poker Night


Math problems at the bar

Paint Bar

Timberfakes (past and future shows!)

Almond Ice Cream Drinks

Heart to hearts

Sports talk (weeelllll… ;))

The great debate about PBR vs. Bud  Light

Happy Birthday moments that included singing and candle lighting (sorry! my fault!)

Sangria party

Shared love for the Fighting Irish, pretty sure there was talk of tattoos…

The below picture


So, to the terrific, tantalizing, triple threat (ok that is a bit of a stretch, even for me ;)), thank you. Thank you for being exactly each of you. You are each so special to me and will always hold a place in my heart. You have helped me in ways that I can’t put into words and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for indulging me and all of my out of control, easily excitable ways. For allowing me to have my moments, even when you probably just want to kill me. It is people like you that make facing the bad weather, crappy train commutes, the shady and rude folks out there, the horrible coffee and Sam Adams Light all worth it. It is people like you that remind me, each day, of how happy I am to have moved to Boston.