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Heeeey! Happy Friday kiddos!

So this happened again…and I suppose is currently STILL happening…


No worries though, I am just going to continue to think about the fact that Spring is on its way in. Daylight savings time is this weekend, so can’t complain about getting an extra hour of light in the evenings starting next week. Because, I can’t control the weather as much as I would like to, that means – why bother bitching about it?! Embrace it. It is kind of pretty anyway. For the moment.

Today, I am rocking out, which is a funny expression, since technically, I am rapping out to some of my favorite rap songs. Again, I can’t tell you how appropriate my music selections are for the work place, but since I am pretty much the only one in the office right now, I am werkin’ it and I don’t care. My music choices are pretty much all over the map. I listen to and love pretty much all kinds of music and bottom line, I like different types of music for different moods, different days, different outfits, whatever. So, today, it is a rap day. And you best believe that this girl is rapping at her desk and keepin’ it real on this fine snowy Friday.

Yesterday was a big day in my little world for a variety of reasons. It was also a hard day, but in a great way. In a healing way. Don’t want to bore you with all of that, but did want to make mention of it here because it is a bit of a proud moment for me, one that was a long time in coming and needed to happen. I finally found the words and it felt good. And I feel some relief. I am hoping that this is just the beginning.

I don’t have a lot going on this weekend and I think that sounds perfect to me. We have a visitor coming to learn how to bake this weekend at Frostacres and I can’t think of a better teacher than my fabulous and kitchen savvy roommate. That might be the most action I see all weekend. Feels like a great weekend to do some crafting, some personal crap, and also some reading. Ready to finish up Wuthering Heights and move on to the next book on the list!

Have a great weekend, stay safe, warm, and try not to do anything I wouldn’t do! 😉 Who knows exactly what that means since these days I have been acting like I am 21 again and not 30 and you best believe in the moment it is fun, until I wake up the next morning and remember, ahh yes, I am in fact 30. Can’t cause the same amount of trouble I used or certainly not on a daily basis! But hey, nothing wrong with enjoying life, thanks to Drake we all know – YOLO!