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With the weather beginning to change, so am I. I have more energy, I am brighter, lighter, and happier. I look forward to the evenings with the extra light. I love the fresh air and being outside. Just enjoying the breeze in the air with the promise of the arrival full on Spring and Summer. The changing seasons, brings fun in the sun, skirts and dresses, sunglasses all of the time (oh who am I kidding?! It is sunglasses all the time anyway!), summer fruit, outdoor activities, baseball season (seriously?! did I just say that? It is the majestic feel of Fenway I think…ugh!), and walks outside – just to name a few.

I decided to walk home from work yesterday instead of going to the gym. This walk entailed crossing my favorite bridge, one of the bridges that connects Boston to Cambridge, one part of my world to the next. And this, this stunning view is what I had the joy of seeing last night on my ‘commute’ home. This view made my heart happy and gave me a bit of a spring in my step. It is this view that made me decide to do my best to walk home at least twice a week.