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Well, you know me and lists…

Today I am…

Wishing it was warmer, at least it is sunny and it is a shades kinda day, also maybe a shady kinda day since I may or may not be rocking a bit of a hangover

Listening to Juvenile Back That Azz Up which just rolled into Who Am I (What’s My Name?) by the Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg (WHAT?! why did I just write that?! Too good to delete – did I mention I was hungover?)

Recalling the fact that vodka in a wine glass happened

Thinking that vodka in a wine glass is not a great idea, or maybe it is the BEST idea, check in with me about this tomorrow

Loving the fact it is Thursday

Reading The Tipping Point (which is on my textbook list for my next class!), Gone Girl, and Friday Night Lights (all over the map with my reading as per usual)

Gearing up for class to start again next Monday

Looking forward to the Timberfakes

Needing a haircut, bad, so bad

Trying to get myself healthy in more ways then one (admittedly, I took a break yesterday, clearly, whoops!)

Wishing I could successfully throw out a wink instead of looking like a crazy person with a weird eye twitch

Laughing at the fact that weird stuff is always Googled at happy hour (example : do potatoes help prevent scurvy?)

Loving so much that I just walked outside and encountered a mini carnival of sorts in the quad and was given popcorn

Missing home a bit

Excited to make some more roasted brussel sprouts later

Looking forward to my designated talk about me time of the week

How is everyone else today???