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Ok, recently I feel like my life has taken an odd turn. I am not quite sure what to make of it.

This topic tends to be off limits for the most part here. Not for any reason really other then the fact that I have been on an extended hiatus, much to most people’s chagrin around here. Dating. I am not a huge dater. Never have been. I don’t really know how to do it, if people are actually interested in me, if I am actually interested in them, or what.

Since I have moved here I have found myself with more then my typical average number of guy friends in my life. And in my opinion, that is what they are. Just friends. I am so good with that. Several of these guys are great to chat sports with and all of those who know me, know I love me some sports. I can handle sports talk with the best of them and it is always great to find anyone that I am able to banter back and forth with about it.

Well, the last several months there have been several instances with some of these ‘friends’ that have caused some people to wonder. And, if I am being perfectly honest, it has given me cause of pause as well. (This goes hand in hand with the whole, I have no idea how to tell if anyone is actually interested or not thing). This has given me enough pause and people have made enough comments to me about things, for me to say this : why can’t we go back to the days of note writing? You know, the whole, I like you, check yes or no if you like me business? It just seems so much easier. Especially with those that you felt like were just your beer slinging sports talking buddies.

This post is so random and just all over of the place, all to tell you that I am pretty sure someone did just kind of do the whole check yes or no, direct-ish business and asked me out to lunch. He’s in the Economics dept. I mean maybe he is being friendly, I could always use another friend. He is though, a couple of notches above the person who gave me their apartment address yesterday in lieu of a phone number (because he didn’t have a phone) and told me to stop by anytime. Wait, umm sir, I am sorry, I am sitting with another male right trying to have a nice enjoyable beer experience and you are going to hand out your address? AND, no, no I do not want to just STOP by your apartment. We have barely exchanged 5 words worth of conversation. At least buy me a beer! 😉 KIDDING.

I am sorry if this post makes me seem shallow. I just really needed to type/vent this out for a second. I think I just need to stop talking to people all together. Although, I definitely have some crazy stories, especially as of late, that keep me and others in my life rather entertained, so maybe I should just continue on as normal. Classic M stories to add to my book of life. Sigh.