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Just had to today. Definitely missing Seattle a tiny bit more today after seeing this.

Thought Catalog

1. You get to sleep on the ferry during your morning commute.


2. Two words: Vivace Espresso.

3. Every apartment turns into a beautiful building covered in ivy and shade from lush trees in the summer.

4. Roundabouts everywhere > stop signs everywhere.

5. Seattle is where Starbucks was born, and still has the world’s first Starbucks (be quiet, you love it).

6. You can see Mt. Ranier — a 14,000 FT. volcano — from downtown.

7. It has a giant, celebrated statue of a Russian communist leader in Fremont, one of its most popular neighborhoods.

8. And a giant troll eating an old VW punchbuggy.

9. It’s part of Cascadia, which is the most badass region on the planet. Also, there’s a Cascadian Independence Movement.


10. There’s not as much pressure to get every new iPhone that comes out every month.


11. Washington is one of twelve U.S…

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