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So. I guess I needed a bit of a break from the blogging world after my last actual post. I think I just needed to take a moment for myself and just really try and process and absorb everything that happened here and also just in my own life. On that note…

School is seriously kicking my ass right now. I finished with one crazy class only to start right back up two days later in an even crazier class. It’s tough because no one said this was going to be easy and I most certainly didn’t think I would be skating my way through this degree, but I will admit, that I was hoping my latest class would be a bit less strenuous than my last one. Eh. Such is life I suppose and I just need to keep on keepin’ on. It’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Following up that thought with a mixed bag of tricks list on this semi-terrible Tuesday, hopefully that will help me get out of my weird funk. I don’t want to be best buds Alexander…

title_alexI came into work today to a nice box of chocolates from someone who is leaving to pursue bigger things

Tomorrow is HH and we all know how I love Wednesdays just for that (and I get a new book to read tomorrow!)

I am listening to the Songza playlist – Low Rise Jeans and Baby Tees – seems reasonable for work (as is most of my music I suppose! ;))

I had Raisin Bran for breakfast this morning (I seriously LOVE Raisin Bran)

Hosted a BBQ at Frost Acres on Sunday and was able to get rid of the two pre-made sangria bottles that someone brought to the sangria party last summer (I am sorry, but thank GOD they are gone!)

Sangria party date is set, come to Cambridge on August 10th armed with your best sangria and you could win a prize!

Created a nice wine list for our water delivery guy (random I know, but Brian is pretty fabulous)

Enjoying the current weather (sunny, slightly cool, but has the potential to warm up)

Loving the fact that I look kind of a hiatus from the gym, went yesterday and didn’t really miss a step

Feeling slightly like a Cougar these days (can a 30 year old be a Cougar? what is the exact definition of a Cougar anyway??)

This is just funny : I totally cut my leg today shaving – what am I? A rookie?

Loving that the Bruins killed the Penguins last night

And…how can we not end of this fabulous Daily thought?!

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