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We know all about the wedding glow or the baby glow, but what about that glow someone has when they are truly happy in what they are doing in this life? I think that glow is one of the best things that life can offer because when you find someone that is just glowing with happiness and joy about what they are doing, how can you not smile and feel envious all at the same time?! I am a firm believer in finding and embracing your passions and dreams in life. Life is short. It just is. So why do we all not seize the day and make the most of every single moment? (I can certainly stand to take my own advice! :))

Well, I have mentioned her before and talked a little bit about her journey following her dreams, but my very favorite Bobsey twin graduates from Nursing school today! Holler! Now lovelies, this is someone who truly did find, embrace and follow her dreams to her own version of a perfect career/ilfe and she wears it so well. She has truly come into her own with everything over the last couple of years; gotten over the gross feelings that most have about germs and whatever else and sees them as a challenge, worked her ass off, drank some wine to help through the constant studying, cared, loved, given her heart and soul, and most of all LIVED every moment of achieving her dream of becoming a nurse.

This journey was far from easy. The challenges of nursing school and a complete career shift are ones that are not for the faint of heart. But, she persevered and today is a day full of celebration and cheers for not only, is she graduating today, but yesterday she was offered a job in her dream unit – Pediatric Oncology. To say that I am a proud Bobsey twin is kind of an understatement. I admire her so much for pursuing her dreams and seizing each moment to be happy. It has been an honor to be apart of the journey from start to finish and I take every opportunity that presents itself to brag about my fabulous Bobsey twin!

While I may not be there in body today to cheer you on Bobs, I am most certainly there is in spirit. I will be thinking about you from 9:30 to 11:00 and then again as you begin celebrating you this afternoon! So. So. Proud and amazed and in awe and all of the best possible feelings I could be for you! You wear your dream so well and you are going to be an amazing nurse! And you better believe drinks will be had in your honor today in Beantown!

Love you times infinity!



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