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Reading up a storm.

Waiting for my replacement to start in my old job so I can finally, finally fully transition over to my new job. (More on this later, I know you are all DYING to know about it! ;))

Totally hooked on the show Blacklist. And, hooked, is slightly an understatement. Can.Not.Get.Enough.

Needing some new clothes.

Wishing I could navigate certain relationships in my life a bit better. People can be so confusing sometimes. Not sure it should be so hard, which might be the answer to be honest.

Nursing a sore body. Went to the gym for the first time in what feels like forever last night. Felt so good to be there that I might have overdone it a teeny tiny bit. Especially since I think I did something weird to my back last week. Whoops! Must be more careful in the future, or just try to get there more often. That might solve this issue as well.

Shamelessly listening to these songs. I spend an embarrassing amount of time wondering what song I would walk up to, so this seems like a fitting music choice today in anticipation for game 6 of the World Series! On that note…

Feeling ridiculously excited that the Red Sox have the chance to win the World Series tonight. Thrilled beyond belief that it could be here in Boston!

Willing to finally admit that I have become a full blown Red Sox fan, which I suppose means that I have become a baseball fan in general (never, never thought that would happen!). It has been a gradual acceptance over the last 4 ish years. Hard not to get swept up in it all, especially living here. The history, the lore, Fenway, oh Fenway, that deserves its own post I feel.

Pounding my 3rd cup of coffee this morning. Looks like it is going to be one of those days.

Obsessed with my new stress ball. Perhaps that is an indicator of how life has been lately?

Jealous of someone for a trip they are taking to Seattle this week. And at the same time, hating the fact that I have to be jealous of this particular person. #iammature

Pumped, like always, for the Timberfakes show this weekend! Love, love that one of my favorites kills it on the keys for them and I get to brag about him to everyone I know.

Shocked that November 1 is on Friday. Where does the time go?

Not really enjoying the fact that I have had to put on gloves the last couple of mornings! Getting chilly out there. Seems a touch early, but it is also supposed to be high 60’s on Friday. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at all, this is New England weather we are talking about here.

Reflecting a lot these days. It is that time of the year for me I suppose, so this isn’t surprising.

Happy to be back and writing on this lovely little blog of mine!