Random Boys


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Ok, recently I feel like my life has taken an odd turn. I am not quite sure what to make of it.

This topic tends to be off limits for the most part here. Not for any reason really other then the fact that I have been on an extended hiatus, much to most people’s chagrin around here. Dating. I am not a huge dater. Never have been. I don’t really know how to do it, if people are actually interested in me, if I am actually interested in them, or what.

Since I have moved here I have found myself with more then my typical average number of guy friends in my life. And in my opinion, that is what they are. Just friends. I am so good with that. Several of these guys are great to chat sports with and all of those who know me, know I love me some sports. I can handle sports talk with the best of them and it is always great to find anyone that I am able to banter back and forth with about it.

Well, the last several months there have been several instances with some of these ‘friends’ that have caused some people to wonder. And, if I am being perfectly honest, it has given me cause of pause as well. (This goes hand in hand with the whole, I have no idea how to tell if anyone is actually interested or not thing). This has given me enough pause and people have made enough comments to me about things, for me to say this : why can’t we go back to the days of note writing? You know, the whole, I like you, check yes or no if you like me business? It just seems so much easier. Especially with those that you felt like were just your beer slinging sports talking buddies.

This post is so random and just all over of the place, all to tell you that I am pretty sure someone did just kind of do the whole check yes or no, direct-ish business and asked me out to lunch. He’s in the Economics dept. I mean maybe he is being friendly, I could always use another friend. He is though, a couple of notches above the person who gave me their apartment address yesterday in lieu of a phone number (because he didn’t have a phone) and told me to stop by anytime. Wait, umm sir, I am sorry, I am sitting with another male right trying to have a nice enjoyable beer experience and you are going to hand out your address? AND, no, no I do not want to just STOP by your apartment. We have barely exchanged 5 words worth of conversation. At least buy me a beer! 😉 KIDDING.

I am sorry if this post makes me seem shallow. I just really needed to type/vent this out for a second. I think I just need to stop talking to people all together. Although, I definitely have some crazy stories, especially as of late, that keep me and others in my life rather entertained, so maybe I should just continue on as normal. Classic M stories to add to my book of life. Sigh.




Song Favorites


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There is a lot of talk of music on this blog. What I am currently listening to, what songs I am currently rapping at my desk to, Pandora stations, Songza mixes, etc. Today, I felt like I wanted to do a little list of my favorite songs. You know, those songs that just get you pumped up every time you hear them…so, I am bringing it today, some of my most favorites. Judge away kiddos. 🙂 Believe me, these are certainly not to impress you and this is just a small list of my favorites.

One of my go-to songs for getting pumped up and getting ready to go out…


I can’t help it…


I mean as a tractor lovin’ girl…how can I not love this one? Also, if you know of anyone that needs to get rid of a John Deere, I may or may not be your girl…


One of my favorite songs to blast in the car…


Top 5 Jukebox song for me…


And this…I just can’t help it

Have a great Tuesday!



Reading Is Sexy


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Oh my goodness. If this post doesn’t speak to me right about now. Reading is totally sexy. And if the moment I had yesterday on the train with a tall, dark and handsome stranger yesterday about the Tipping Point didn’t reinforce that to me, this Thought Catalog post sure did!

Thought Catalog

You’ve all had that moment. You’re on the train, coming home from a long, frustrating day at work or that night class you regret taking. You’re slumped over your seat listening to Alt-J or the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs single. You look around you at the faint squalor of the train; the lights on this car seem set to perpetual gray dusk, a metaphor for your mood you don’t appreciate. But then you look across from you and you see him sweating as he tears through a Saul Bellow novel you’ve always sworn to read or Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Gone Girl, you wonder? Who is this man? Who gave him that? Is that a gift from a wife or girlfriend? Is he in a book club? Holy shit, that’s so hot.

You then begin to fantasize about this stranger on the train, what genres he’s into and…

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Laundry List


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Well, you know me and lists…

Today I am…

Wishing it was warmer, at least it is sunny and it is a shades kinda day, also maybe a shady kinda day since I may or may not be rocking a bit of a hangover

Listening to Juvenile Back That Azz Up which just rolled into Who Am I (What’s My Name?) by the Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg (WHAT?! why did I just write that?! Too good to delete – did I mention I was hungover?)

Recalling the fact that vodka in a wine glass happened

Thinking that vodka in a wine glass is not a great idea, or maybe it is the BEST idea, check in with me about this tomorrow

Loving the fact it is Thursday

Reading The Tipping Point (which is on my textbook list for my next class!), Gone Girl, and Friday Night Lights (all over the map with my reading as per usual)

Gearing up for class to start again next Monday

Looking forward to the Timberfakes

Needing a haircut, bad, so bad

Trying to get myself healthy in more ways then one (admittedly, I took a break yesterday, clearly, whoops!)

Wishing I could successfully throw out a wink instead of looking like a crazy person with a weird eye twitch

Laughing at the fact that weird stuff is always Googled at happy hour (example : do potatoes help prevent scurvy?)

Loving so much that I just walked outside and encountered a mini carnival of sorts in the quad and was given popcorn

Missing home a bit

Excited to make some more roasted brussel sprouts later

Looking forward to my designated talk about me time of the week

How is everyone else today???



Springtime Summertime


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With the weather beginning to change, so am I. I have more energy, I am brighter, lighter, and happier. I look forward to the evenings with the extra light. I love the fresh air and being outside. Just enjoying the breeze in the air with the promise of the arrival full on Spring and Summer. The changing seasons, brings fun in the sun, skirts and dresses, sunglasses all of the time (oh who am I kidding?! It is sunglasses all the time anyway!), summer fruit, outdoor activities, baseball season (seriously?! did I just say that? It is the majestic feel of Fenway I think…ugh!), and walks outside – just to name a few.

I decided to walk home from work yesterday instead of going to the gym. This walk entailed crossing my favorite bridge, one of the bridges that connects Boston to Cambridge, one part of my world to the next. And this, this stunning view is what I had the joy of seeing last night on my ‘commute’ home. This view made my heart happy and gave me a bit of a spring in my step. It is this view that made me decide to do my best to walk home at least twice a week.




Friday Friday Fun


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Heeeey! Happy Friday kiddos!

So this happened again…and I suppose is currently STILL happening…


No worries though, I am just going to continue to think about the fact that Spring is on its way in. Daylight savings time is this weekend, so can’t complain about getting an extra hour of light in the evenings starting next week. Because, I can’t control the weather as much as I would like to, that means – why bother bitching about it?! Embrace it. It is kind of pretty anyway. For the moment.

Today, I am rocking out, which is a funny expression, since technically, I am rapping out to some of my favorite rap songs. Again, I can’t tell you how appropriate my music selections are for the work place, but since I am pretty much the only one in the office right now, I am werkin’ it and I don’t care. My music choices are pretty much all over the map. I listen to and love pretty much all kinds of music and bottom line, I like different types of music for different moods, different days, different outfits, whatever. So, today, it is a rap day. And you best believe that this girl is rapping at her desk and keepin’ it real on this fine snowy Friday.

Yesterday was a big day in my little world for a variety of reasons. It was also a hard day, but in a great way. In a healing way. Don’t want to bore you with all of that, but did want to make mention of it here because it is a bit of a proud moment for me, one that was a long time in coming and needed to happen. I finally found the words and it felt good. And I feel some relief. I am hoping that this is just the beginning.

I don’t have a lot going on this weekend and I think that sounds perfect to me. We have a visitor coming to learn how to bake this weekend at Frostacres and I can’t think of a better teacher than my fabulous and kitchen savvy roommate. That might be the most action I see all weekend. Feels like a great weekend to do some crafting, some personal crap, and also some reading. Ready to finish up Wuthering Heights and move on to the next book on the list!

Have a great weekend, stay safe, warm, and try not to do anything I wouldn’t do! 😉 Who knows exactly what that means since these days I have been acting like I am 21 again and not 30 and you best believe in the moment it is fun, until I wake up the next morning and remember, ahh yes, I am in fact 30. Can’t cause the same amount of trouble I used or certainly not on a daily basis! But hey, nothing wrong with enjoying life, thanks to Drake we all know – YOLO!



The Happiest Hour


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As you know, I am working hard to focus on the positive things in my life in 2013. And as I always say, I have so much to be thankful for. I know all of this might sound ridiculous or cheesy to some of you out there, because trust me, some days I have my own gag fest over my musings, but it helps me. This attitude that I am trying to focus on and being a bit on the over the top side of positive and thankful truly helps me get through the rough patches. There have been times in my life it has been so much easier to be upset or angry or just in a continual funk, but these days making more of a concerted effort to be happy or positive, even if it seems forced or a major effort, actually helps me to get into that mindset sooner rather than later. So, in true me fashion, I am going to take a moment and do one of my favorite things – reflect and give thanks.

One of my most favorite moments in the week, as I have mentioned before, is weekly Wednesday Happy Hour. Now, HH in MA is kind of non-existent (at least the version that I am used to), which is something that I am STILL getting used to. Because it isn’t really a thing here, I pretty much stopped going for after work drinks. Not gonna lie, this girl used to be a pretty hardcore HH frequenter in WA. I absolutely love HH and my gal pals and I knew all of the best places to go for HH. Sigh. Feeling a tiny bit nostalgic here, but must press on back to the present…

So, let’s just revisit this for a hot minute (which in all honesty it probably was a hot minute because it was the middle of the summer when this special day happened), I was minding my own business (well…hopefully…) and attempting to disguise the fact that I was probably Pinteresting during the work day when I got it. That’s right, an invitation. To a Happy Hour! (I don’t really know why I feel the need to capitalize Happy Hour, but it just feels right to me, so deal with it, my space, my ridiculousness!) I didn’t actually know this group of people well, or really at all, might be more accurate, but twist my arm! Yes, I will come with you to HH! Looking back now, I didn’t realize it would be a Golden Ticket moment in my life.

This wonderful group of people is just that, absolutely wonderful. They came into my life at a perfect time. I was grasping for some stability, some kindness, and even some anonymity. I was kind of at a mayjah turning point in my life to be honest. And these crazy kids with their Midwestern kindness and Southern hospitality welcomed me into their little group with open arms, y’alls, some sarcasm, and huge glasses of beer. Or maybe I forced myself into the group, who knows. That isn’t important really. The point is, they are stuck with me now. HA!

There have been many, many moments during Wednesday night Happy Hour where I have taken a moment in between pounding adult bevs to just enjoy these people and feel thankful and lucky. Lucky that I have this time during the week to spend with three people that I might not have met at all if the stars hadn’t aligned properly. Lucky to have had my path cross with three of the absolute best people I have met here in Boston. At a time where I needed to meet some amazing people to restore some faith.

And for some fun here are just a few highlights in and out of HH that barely scratch the surface :

My first (and last) Irish Car Bomb

Mario Kart

Thanksgiving invitations and moments

Bridge/Frozen River moments

Poker Night


Math problems at the bar

Paint Bar

Timberfakes (past and future shows!)

Almond Ice Cream Drinks

Heart to hearts

Sports talk (weeelllll… ;))

The great debate about PBR vs. Bud  Light

Happy Birthday moments that included singing and candle lighting (sorry! my fault!)

Sangria party

Shared love for the Fighting Irish, pretty sure there was talk of tattoos…

The below picture


So, to the terrific, tantalizing, triple threat (ok that is a bit of a stretch, even for me ;)), thank you. Thank you for being exactly each of you. You are each so special to me and will always hold a place in my heart. You have helped me in ways that I can’t put into words and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for indulging me and all of my out of control, easily excitable ways. For allowing me to have my moments, even when you probably just want to kill me. It is people like you that make facing the bad weather, crappy train commutes, the shady and rude folks out there, the horrible coffee and Sam Adams Light all worth it. It is people like you that remind me, each day, of how happy I am to have moved to Boston.




Monday Morning Pep Talk


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I wanted to share this amazing video with you all this fabulous Monday morning. The sun is shining out there here in Beantown and that is something to definitely do a little dance and cheer about. As much as I truly do loathe Monday for a wide variety of reasons, I also kinda love it for this reason – it’s a restart. It is the beginning of the week, a chance to kick ass again. Whenever I have a bad week, I obviously don’t choose to necessarily drag it out as long as possible, but if it lasts long enough, I give myself until the next Monday morning to feel like hell or whatever not so great emotion I am feeling and then I kick myself in the ass and get over it. Monday is a great jumping off point to set yourself up for a great week in my opinion. So folks, let’s make this week great! And in the words of Kid President – “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.”

Life is short, have fun, do a little dance and make a difference in someone’s life. It is a sunny Monday after all!



Thoughtful Thursday


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Again, Real Simple and their fabulous Daily Thoughts just really made me feel good on my commute this morning. I am thankful it is Thursday today. It feels like I need it today and this thought in my inbox made me realize that this morning. Just a reminder that I am a work in progress, but that I am making progress. And that, I feel, is something.