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Throughout my life, there have been various things that have helped me to recharge my batteries. As I get older, those things have evolved and I find myself seeking solace in a wide variety of things when I am running on empty. In an effort to get back to a calmer place, I figured I would share a few of those things here in hopes of reminding myself what helps me when the going gets tough.

This place – it grounds me, it allows me to take pause and reflect and some of my best thinking is done here

Gasworks Park in Seattle

Gasworks Park in Seattle











Crafting and more specifically painting these days – I love seeing the final product and working with my hands to create something

Laughing and smiling – even if it is slightly forced, typically by the end, I am laughing and smiling for real!

Listening to music – no surprise that this makes the cut

Reading a really good book – this could be an old standby or a brand new find

Spending time with some of my nearest and dearest

Watching hilarious videos on YouTube like this one, I literally cannot get enough of this video, it seriously makes me so ridiculously happy –

Baking and then giving it all away

Taking a walk

Wearing my sunglasses in the sunshine

Farmer’s Markets

Flowers – looking at them, appreciating them, buying them for myself, anything really

Watching and talking about sports with someone that actually knows something about them – I know this is a bit weird, but I feel slightly in my element when I am engaging about sports and it feels comfortable to me

Dawson’s Creek – oh you better believe I just totally went there


Dancing like a crazy person

Really sitting and enjoying the silence with a nice glass of wine

Knitting – I really only know one stitch, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it over and over

Holding hands – doesn’t really matter who with, but I just love it!

Making a point of seeing a sunset or sunrise and stopping to truly enjoy it

Love Actually – as we know, love actually really is all around

These are just a few of the little things in my life that allow for me to recharge my batteries and bring me comfort in the tougher life moments. I am also incredibly lucky in the sense that I have a support system in place that is made up of some of the most amazing people ever. Ever. Tough times really never stick around for too long with these kiddos in the mix, there is too much laughing and fun stuff to be done!